Severe Brain Injury Unit – Criteria for the Admission to the Ward

Access tp the Unit takes place by internal transfer from the Awakening Unit to guarantee the therapeutic continuation of the various rehabilitation or by transfer upon request by intensive care, neurosurgery, stroke unit.

Documents needed for the hospitalisation

– Information sheet Awakening/Severe brain injuries filled in by the hospital doctor (Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgery Unit)

– Clinical Report filled in by the hospital doctor – Request filled in by the hospital doctor on headed paper with the wording: “As per agreement, the patient………………. born on …………………… Is transferred and so on affected by post-traumatic vegetative state (or post-anoxic or vascular or other), at your Severe Brain Injury Unit”.

Necessary documents for the admission:

– Identity card
– Fiscal code
– Clinical documentation held by the patient.
– Italian National Health System Card – Application for the appointment of the support administrator

Admissions Office

Dr Clea Antonante