Khymeia VRRS (Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System)

An internationally patented, Class I certified medical device based on a virtual reality system for the rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation. The extreme ease of use, the high ability to customisation, the complete automatic reporting, the tele-rehabilitation function, are some of the guiding principles of the ongoing development of the system. In fact, VRRS is conceived as a “central HUB” to which it is possible to connect a series of specialised peripheral devices via USB, completely synchronised and integrated with the system. VRRS, with the exclusive magnetic kinematic acquisition system, is used as a clinical routine for the rehabilitation of a wide spectrum of pathologies through the numerous rehabilitative modules including a vast library of clinically validated exercises for the neurological recovery (motor, cognitive, speech therapy, posturographic, hand, fingers and wrist, cervical head, immersive virtual reality, occupational therapy, muscle synergies) and orthopaedic (ankle, knee, pelvis, hip, hand, fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, cervical head).