The unit, located at the facility in Poggio Pudano, specialises for vegetative or minimally conscious states. The unit is dedicated to patients that have not recovered conscientious activities for several months.

This ward guarantees a prolonged reception based on multi-professional nursing, the prevention of secondary complications, and the maintenance of psychophysical well-being.

This specialised unit is dedicated to people in unresponsive wakefulness syndrome (vegetative state) or in a minimally conscious state of various etiopathogenesis for several months and that have not regained consciousness. Intensive and specific care is not practised in this Special Operating Unit to obtain the “awakening”, but an accurate treatment is assured mainly aimed at preventing, as far as possible, secondary and tertiary complications such as: decubitus, infections, osteoarticular deformities, and so on, compatibly with pre-existing clinical conditions. The Long-term Care in vegetative state is a specialised unit aimed at welcoming people for whom management at home is not easy and that have completed their intensive rehabilitation program. The patient is totally taken in charge by a multidisciplinary and inter-professional team that ensures maintenance care and complete nursing.

The Specialised Long-term Hospitalisation (LDS)

• Guarantees a dedicated and 24H continuous assistance to the hospitalised guests .
• Offers availability for the temporary reception of people already at home (relief hospitalisation).
• Provides psychological support to the family, if requested.
• Offers the necessary knowledge and experience for home and territorial management of subjects with Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome (Vegetative State) and Minimally Conscious State.



Visits and meeting with the medical staff