In the Severe Brain Injury Unit, patients suffering from serious brain injuries with serious physical, cognitive and behavioural limitations, deriving from:

The multidisciplinary intensive rehabilitation approach is aimed at the best possible recovery of the patient’s cognitive and motor functions, through an individual rehabilitation program that takes into account the severity of the injury and is updated by the team according to the patient’s evolution.

The hospitalisation takes place by transfer directly from the intensive care, neurosurgery, stroke unit or by internal transfer from the Awakening Unit as a natural continuation of the therapeutic procedure undertaken in the Awakening Unit (Care Continuum).

The Severe Brain Injuries Unit (UGC) comprises 20 beds in agreement with the Regional Health System.

In this ward there are some single rooms allowing family members to stay if necessary. Here, assisted by the medical team, the family learns to solve the issues connected to satisfying the patient’s primary needs, which will be useful upon returning home: personal hygiene, nutrition, the management of the probes, cannulas and catheters.




Visits and meeting with the medical staff