The Institute is equipped with modern and efficient laboratories and services to provide the hospitalised patients with diagnostic and therapeutic services. Therefore, the medical staff of the two structures ensure accurate diagnoses for various pathologies.

Neurophysiopathology service

Doctor in charge:  Dr Maria Quintieri

Neurophysiopathology Technician  Dr Miriam Russo

Structurally it consists of two laboratories located at the main facility in Via Siris.

The services provided are differentiated according to the type of patients hospitalised. The following diagnostics are offered: EEG – 24H Dynamic EEG Mapping – EMG – ENG – Somatosensory Evoked Potentials – Flah and Pttern Visual Evoked Potentials – Acoustic Evoked Potentials – Cognitive Evoked Potentials – CNV – Blink Reflex – Neurovegetative Tests

Radiology Service

Doctor in charge: Dr Hesham Almolla

Radiology Technician  Dr Fabio Vaccaro

The Institute is equipped with functional and modern radiology equipment with which all the traditional radiodiagnostics and CAT diagnostics are carried out. From the instrumental point of view, the laboratory is equipped with a last-generation spiral CAT scan, two conventional radiological machines: a fixed one and a portable one used to perform radiographic investigations.

It is also possible to perform radiographic investigations in the wards on patients that cannot be mobilised. The DICOM system is also present and allows the digital distribution of every single diagnostic image carried out within the structure. Thanks to this the medical staff can also view the patient’s tests directly from in their units through the computer workstation in real time. With this system, it is possible, if needed, to have a teleconsultation with radiologist consultants in Italy and abroad.


The Istituto S. Anna laboratories provide qualified diagnostic and therapeutic services for hospitalised patients. Through the laboratories, medical staff can better assess the patients’ deficits and treat them accordingly. The laboratories are an active component of the rehabilitation activity in the clinic.

Laboratory of Neuropsychology

Psychologists: Dr Daniela Cortese,  Dr Maria Luigia Pignataro, Dr Stefania Laratta

The Neuropsychology Laboratory consists of two separate laboratories per facility, aimed at the evaluation and treatment of neurocognitive deficits of patients admitted to the Awakening Unit, Severe Brain Injury Unit (UGC), Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit and Day-Hospital in the aftermath of cranial trauma, vascular and degenerative diseases.

Speech Therapy Laboratory

Speech therapists: Dr Antonella Iozzi,  Dr Luisa Spezzano, Dr Silvia Longo

Language and communication deficits are evaluated and treated in two separate speech therapy laboratories under the direction of the relevant departmental primaries. All laboratories participate actively in research projects.