The S.Anna Institute set up the RAN Research Centre (Research in Advanced Neurorehabilitation), a parallel and integrated structure in 2008. The scopes and strategic approaches are innovation and the transfer of the new knowledge acquired to the care and management of patients, in a virtuous circle aimed at improving the clinical performance and quality of life of patients with acquired severe brain injuries.

RAN ranges in various research areas:

• Clinical research on severe acquired cerebropathies with altered consciousness.
• Clinico-experimental research on the pathophysiology of reduced consciousness states: study of residual brain functions and neurophysiological and neuro-vegetative correlates under simple or complex sensory stimuli.
• Research on the functional organisation and on the circadian/ultradian cyclicality of the physiological parameters of subjects in a vegetative state.

Innovative application of advanced technologies:
• Robotics and virtual/augmented reality in motor recovery: planning, realisation, validation and implementation;
• Applicability of the Ambient Intelligence paradigm in medicine
• Research projects.