In December 2003, Istituto S.Anna obtained the quality certification, according to the ISO 9001: 2000 (Vision) standards, for all its Functional Units and for all the related services. The Awakening Unit was already certified in February 2001, according to the previous ISO 9002: 1994 standards.

The ISO 9001 standards are voluntary standards adopted internationally and aimed at creating a Quality Management System that allows managing and monitoring all the activities within a company.

The ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation established in London in 1947 with the scope of facilitating the coordination and unification of the industrial technical standards. It is a non-governmental association, composed of national standards organisations that develops voluntary technical standards in order to make the development, production and supply of products and services more efficient, safe and transparent. Some standards have been adopted in some countries as part of the mandatory regulation. Since 1947, ISO has published more than 21,000 international standards.
The task of ISO is elaborate technical standards but does not have the task of verifying that the standards are correctly applied by the users. The conformity assessment is carried out by accredited verification bodies offering this independent (or third party) service. These bodies issue certificates for the compliance with the standards.

ACCREDIA (association between UNI and CEI) acts in Italy as an accrediting body for certification companies. The accreditation is given for the sectors of activity codified by ISTAT.