Long-term care for the vegetative state – Hospitalisation Criteria

Access to the unit takes place:

– by internal transfer directly from the Awakening Unit or from the Severe Brain Injury Unit;

– by transfer from other Severe Brain Injury Units or from other long-term care;

– for direct access from Reanimation, Neurosurgery or Stroke Units;

– directly from the home following an interview with the primary or departmental doctor and with the authorization of the Multidimensional Evaluation Unit of the Provincial Health Centre of belonging.

Necessary documents for the hospitalisation:
– Hospitalisation request by the hospital doctor or Multidimensional Evaluation Unit

– Identity card

– Fiscal Code

– Letter of discharge issued by the Hospital Structure of origin.

– Clinical documentation held by the patient.

– Italian National Health System Card

Admissions Office

Dr Lidia Romania