Istituto S. Anna is a private nursing home accredited with the SSN (the Italian National Health Service) and offers valid answers to some of the most complex disorders in the rehabilitation field.

In the structure there is a high-specialisation area with these wards: Awakening Unit Severe Brain Injury and an area dedicated to intensive rehabilitation programs with wards dedicated to patients with outcomes for neurological and orthopaedic disorders.

Istituto S. Anna is a regional point of reference for severe brain injuries and welcoming patients from many Italian regions contributes to counteracting the health emigration phenomenon.

The strength of Istituto S.Anna is that it is an organisational model, based on a care continuum, for patients arriving from acute care units, assisting them in the various rehabilitation phases continuing at home.

Patients are hospitalised transferred from acute care hospital wards.

The approach is that of a multidisciplinary and multi-professional nature and aims at recovering the maximum possible autonomy in daily life activities, through an intensive rehabilitation by means of the most innovative rehabilitation techniques and the use of cutting edge robomatronic equipment.

There is a Neuropsychological area for patients that, in addition to motor deficits, have neurocognitive disorders resulting from severe brain injuries like attention disorders, memory disorders, logical abilities, relational language and behaviour.


Rehabilitation is a set of multidisciplinary interventions aimed at the partial or total recovery of functional abilities compromised by the morbid event (head trauma, brain stroke, etc.).

Our mission is to help the person with acquired disabilities to reach the best possible level of physical, functional, emotional and social quality of life in relation to their new possibilities.

The medical and paramedical team, in cases of severe disability, supports and involves the family in order to help their loved one return to the family and social environment.

The fundamental principles

The fundamental principles that inspire our diagnosis and treatment services are the following:

Equality: all citizens in need of healthcare have the same rights and all are provided with the same health and support services, with the absolute prohibition of any unjustified discrimination.

Impartiality: health professionals have the obligation to inspire their own behaviour based on criteria of professionalism, objectivity, justice and impartiality.

Continuity: the service must be provided in a continuous regular way without any interruption. The continuity of health services is ensured: by the human resources made available and by the work shifts’ planning; by the maintenance service consisting of readily available teams.

Right of choice: the right of the citizen to make the choices that the current legislation allow for his or her own health is acknowledged and assured; this right is previously exercised by the hospitalised patient at the time of the medical and administrative admittance.