10 gyms, 220 employees of which 155 women, 23 doctors, 4 psychologists and 6 biomedical and computer engineers.

As many as 14,000 patients have been admitted from 1996 to 2016.

Around 2,000 patients have been assisted in the Awakening and Severe Brain Damage Unit.
Several contributions to the scientific community in the field of rehabilitation medicine were made in the first 20 years of life and work of the Institute.

Among these:
6 rehabilitation and innovative robomatronic devices have been created for the functional recovery of the upper and lower limbs that have attracted the interest of the international scientific community; Over 70 articles published in important international magazines by the nursing home’s Doctors and Researchers;


19 monographs have been published;

The nursing home is also a continuous source of professional enrichment for all its employees. Over 300 refresher and training courses organised over the years, most of which are CME courses.

Hereunder is a list of the most important achievements of Istituto S.Anna.
In 2009 the Institute promoted a European task force on the vegetative state that met at the Ministry of Health in Rome. Professor Laurys reported the conclusions of the task force in an Opinion Paper with the proposal of changing the definition of Vegetative State into the most suitable one of “Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome”. This definition is today increasingly used in literature.
In 2009 he promoted the first Ministerial Commission on the vegetative state (Di Virgilio commission) and was invited to participate in all the subsequent ones.
For two consecutive years, in 2014 and 2015, he was the scientific organiser, with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome, of two conferences dedicated to the clinical and ethical aspects related to disorders of consciousness.
He was among the first to publish in literature, the recognition of a submerged emotional consciousness activity in patients in a vegetative state with a scientific work “on the mother effect of 2005”.

Today, Istituto S.Anna is a clinical reality highly specialised in hospitalisation and rehabilitation, it is a centre engaged in research, experimentation of new therapeutic models, in the participation in European, Ministerial and Regional projects.
Istituto S. Anna was the protagonist of a special project commissioned by the Ministry consisting in the development of a new model of care that supports the traditional units for the management of patients in the Vegetative State at home and completes the therapeutic continuum for these patients.
The doctors, along with the S.Anna engineers have actively participated in the main conferences of rehabilitation and robotic area over the years.