The Nursing Home offers an intensive rehabilitation service in ordinary hospitalisation and day hospital, in agreement with the Regional Health System.

With the most innovative rehabilitation techniques, and the use of the latest generation robomatronic devices, patients can take advantage of individualised rehabilitation programs through highly specialised medical staff.

Rehabilitation programs aimed at obtaining the full recovery possible for each individual and the use of innovative technologies, place our reality among the best available in the country.

In the Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit (URRF), patients with neurological and orthopaedic pathologies are admitted. The specialised rehabilitation is dedicated to patients in the post-acute phase with the possibility of functional recovery or those suffering from relapses for the same event.

The Unit has rooms with 1, 2 and 4 beds. All the rooms are spacious and bright, equipped with a bathroom for disabled patients, a TV, and air conditioning. Large areas are reserved for diagnosis and treatment services.

Clinical activity

In the Neurological Rehabilitation section, patients with cerebral stroke outcomes (ischemic and haemorrhagic) are hospitalised;

• suffering from degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Choreas, and so on, or extrapyramidal diseases;

In the section dedicated to the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, patients suffering from pathologies or orthopaedic after-effects are treated, such as: arthroprosthesis; fractures either treated or non-treated surgically; vertebral reconstructions; tendon appositions; splints; transpositions; osteoplastic reconstructions.

For each patient, an individual rehabilitation project is prepared that includes customised multidisciplinary interventions in which various professionals are involved (doctors, nurses, nursing aides, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists). The project aims at achieving maximum autonomy in the personal management and in carrying out daily life activities.

Day hospital for the functional recovery and rehabilitation – intensive rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Day Hospital is dedicated to the clinical evaluation and intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation of patients suffering from disabling diseases of various nature and in conditions of stability. Access to the Day Hospital is for:

• people with complex neurological diseases and/or post-surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic diseases, arriving from acute care hospital units.



Visitors and meeting the consultants