Therapeutic Continuum

The strength of the S. Anna Institute is an organisational model, based on the Therapeutic Continuum, which aims to take charge of patients, coming from acute units or from home, to assist them in the various phases of the neurological and/or orthopaedic rehabilitation pathway.

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The patient in a vegetative state, characterised by respiratory autonomy and open eyes, is admitted to the Awakening Unit (UDR) where the early rehabilitation phase begins, the main objective of which is to facilitate the recovery of consciousness activities.

The Severe Cerebral Palsy Unit receives patients from the Neurology, Stroke Unit, and Neurosurgery operating units, or by internal transfer from the Awakening Unit as a natural continuation of the therapeutic process undertaken.

The next objective is transfer to the Neurological or Orthopaedic Intensive Rehabilitation Operating Units.
These Operating Units are respectively dedicated to patients with outcomes of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (stroke, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, etc.) and to patients with orthopaedic diseases.

The Specialised Operative Unit for the Vegetative State is located at the Poggio Pudano site.
This Operating Unit is dedicated to patients who, after intensive care, have not fully recovered consciousness.
Prolonged care is guaranteed in this ward, based on multi-professional nursing, with the aim of preventing complications such as: decubitus injuries, infections, osteoarticular deformities, etc.

The rehabilitation pathway of patients, whether they come from acute units or from home, can also take place with Neurological and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation on a Day Hospital basis.

Finally, there is the possibility of using the Integrated Home Care Service (Level III), “Oberon”, dedicated to patients with disorders of consciousness.

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