Specialised Long-Term Care For The Vegetative State (LDS)

The S.Anna Institute offers the Specialised Long Term Care service (code 60) for the vegetative state in agreement with the Regional Health System.

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The medical facility, located in Poggio Pudano, specialises in receiving patients in a vegetative state or minimally conscious state. It is dedicated to patients who, at the end of the intensive rehabilitation programme, have not recovered consciousness activities and cannot be adequately managed at home.

In this Special Operating Unit, intensive and specific care is not provided to achieve “awakening”, but prolonged care is guaranteed based on multi-professional nursing, prevention of secondary complications (decubitus, osteoarticular deformities), and maintenance of psychophysical well-being.

Specialised long-term care:

  • Guarantees in-patients dedicated and continuous 24-hour care.
  • It offers temporary care for people already at home (respite care).
  • Provides the family with psychological support if required.
  • It offers the necessary knowledge and experience in the home and community-based management of people in a vegetative state and minimally conscious state. ( Oberon)


Head Physician act.: Dr. Maria Girolama Raso
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Raffaela Chiaravalloti
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