Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit (UGC)

Severe neurolesion patients with severe motor and cognitive deficits are admitted to the Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit

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The Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit receives patients from the Neurology, Stroke Unit, and Neurosurgery operating units or by internal transfer from the Awakening Unit as a natural continuation of the therapeutic process undertaken (Therapeutic Continuum).

The cause of the neurological damage may be an ischaemic or haemorrhagic cerebral stroke, a polytrauma with severe head injury, cardiac arrest or as a consequence of neurosurgical intervention. Patients with spinal cord injury (myelolysis) of traumatic, tumour or post-surgical origin may also be admitted to this unit.

The rehabilitation approach is intensive interdisciplinary and involves the joint work of various professional figures: the doctor, physiotherapist, nurse and, where clinically indicated, the speech therapist, neuropsychologist, occupational therapist and social worker. The rehabilitation process is aimed at achieving the greatest possible recovery of motor and cognitive functions, and therefore of the patient’s autonomy, through an individual rehabilitation programme (P.R.I.) that takes into account the severity of the lesion and is updated by the team according to the patient’s evolution.

The Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit has 20 beds in agreement with the Regional Health System.

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In this unit, there are single rooms in which, if necessary, the continuous presence of family members* can be provided.

In these rooms, under the supervision of the health care team, the family learns the elementary procedures for managing the patient with a view to returning home: personal hygiene, nutrition, placement of the naso-gastric tube, placement of cannulae and catheters.

*With the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, this activity is currently suspended.


Head Physician: Dr. Lucia Lucca
Deputy Head Physician: Dr. Elio Leto
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Filomena Poerio
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