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S. Anna Institute

The S. Anna Institute is a private nursing home, accredited with the National Health Service, and highly specialised in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from some of the most complex neurological and orthopaedic diseases.

The Mission

Rehabilitation is a set of multidisciplinary interventions aimed at the partial or total recovery of functional capacities impaired by a morbid event.

Our mission is to help patients with acquired disabilities achieve the best possible standard of living on a physical, functional, emotional and social level in relation to their new potential.

The medical, nursing and physiotherapy team, in cases of severe disability, supports and involves families in order to facilitate their loved ones’ return to the family, work and social environment.

Fundamental Principles

The fundamental principles that inspire our diagnostic and treatment services are as follows:

  • Equality: all citizens in need of healthcare services have the same rights and the same provision of healthcare and support services is guaranteed for all, with the absolute prohibition of any unjustified discrimination.
  • Impartiality: health workers are obliged to inspire their behaviour by criteria of professionalism, objectivity, justice and impartiality.
  • Continuity: service provision must be continuous, regular and uninterrupted. The continuity of healthcare services is ensured: by the human resources made available and the organisation of work shifts; by the maintenance service consisting of readily available teams.
  • Right to choose: the citizen’s right to be able to make the choices for his or her own health that current legislation allows him or her to make is recognised and ensured; this right is exercised in advance by the in-patient upon medical and administrative acceptance.
  • Participation: the participation and involvement of patients and their families is the basis of all our rehabilitation activities; they (patients and/or their families) are also invited to fill in appropriate evaluation forms of the various health and general services provided by the Treatment Centre.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency: this is achieved through systemic management of all company processes and activities, taking “quality” as an element of business ethics and strategy.
  • Respect for privacy: the regulation of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, which protects the confidentiality of the user for the most significant aspects of the processing and information concerning him/her, is fully operational.
  • Right to physical safety: in the institute, strict application is given to safety laws, the priority and prejudicial value of which is recognised for a favourable performance of care practices.
  • Respect for the patient: in relations with the patient, the inseparable unity of the person is recognised in his or her physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects, to which equal attention and dignity is attributed.

Our Numbers

Numbers cannot always faithfully express the activities of an organisation as complex as the S. Anna Institute, but they can certainly give an overview and a dimensional perception of the volumes of activity

10 gyms


230 employees


23 doctors


4 psychologists


6 biomedical and computer engineers

computer engineers

From 1996 to 2021, more than 19 thousand admissions were made.
About 2 thousand patients were admitted to the Awakening Unit and Severe Cerebral Palsy Unit.
Six innovative robomechatronic systems for the functional recovery of upper and lower limbs have been produced and patented, and have won the interest of the international scientific community;

Over 300 articles have been published in specialised journals of national and international importance;

19 Monographs have been published;

The nursing home is also a continuous source of professional enrichment for all its employees. Over the years, more than 300 refresher and training courses have been organised, most of them accredited with ECM.

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