The S. Anna Institute is equipped with a functional and modern radiology with which all traditional radiodiagnostic and CT diagnostic work is carried out.

From an instrumental point of view, the laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art spiral CT scan, two conventional X-ray machines: one fixed and one portable, used to perform radiographic investigations.

It is also possible to perform radiographic investigations in inpatient units for patients who cannot be mobilised.

There is also the DICOM system, which enables the digital distribution of every single diagnostic image performed within the facility.

Thanks to this, the medical staff can also view the patient’s examination in real time directly from their ward via the computer workstation. This system makes it possible to teleconsult with radiology consultants in Italy and abroad, should the need arise.


Responsible Doctor: Dr. Ezio Carallo
Radiology technician: Dr. Fabio Vaccaro
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