Physical and Instrumental Therapy

The aim of physical therapy is to achieve a number of benefits, such as removing pain from the treated area, inducing an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulating new intra- and extra-cellular biological effects.

The use of the latest generation of machines, combined with the manipulations of our experienced physiotherapists, means that the patient can benefit from immediate relief.
This allows the individual to start his or her rehabilitation in a timely manner, thus shortening recovery time.

High-intensity low-frequency pulsed laser

Instrumental therapy developed by EMS to treat acute pain and reduce inflammation.

The effects are immediate and in most cases a fast and powerful analgesic effect can be seen within 5 minutes of treatment and, more generally, a gradual reduction in pain for a short recovery time.


The combination of manual therapy with Indiba technology improves the results of each treatment and also reaches deeper into the tissues.

These two great tools combined stimulate tissue repair, accelerate recovery from injuries, and can reduce pain from the first session while decreasing inflammation.

Indiba Activ Cell Therapy is highly recommended by professionals specialising in pelvic floor treatments in both men and women. Excellent results are achieved in postnatal treatment, pelvic pain and incontinence.


In recent years, shockwave therapies have shown important scientific evidence.

After an analysis by the therapist, who identifies this treatment as the most effective way to act, radial “shock waves” act on the area of the body to be treated, expanding over the skin and then being absorbed by the body.

Shock waves limit pain through hyperstimulation of the pain sensors themselves, with a reaction that induces tissue repair and leads to various benefits such as improved blood circulation and stimulation of metabolism.

Shock waves are also used to break up calcifications and fibrosis.

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