Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

The S. Anna Institute has a clinical neuropsychology service

The service is aimed at assessing and possibly treating neuro-cognitive deficits of patients admitted to the wards of the Awakening Unit, Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit, Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, Intensive Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Unit and Day-Hospital.

Neuropsychology Service

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The neuropsychological rehabilitation service takes care of patients with cognitive, behavioural or mood disorders. It deals with systematic observation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment using standardised tests and instruments (Rehacom, Erica, Khymeia VRRS).

Meetings are periodically held with family members in order to provide the necessary information for setting up correct relational and stimulation methods.

Family psychological support service

It deals with the psychological-clinical care of patients and their families in need of psychological support.

The therapeutic pathway envisages an assessment and subsequent treatment phase that, taking into account cognitive and behavioural difficulties, orients the family members and the patient towards the exploration of the psychological resources needed to cope with and re-elaborate the event.

Taking charge of the family is aimed at supporting and integrating the family member in the patient’s rehabilitation pathway.

The objective is to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of the traumatic event, activating among the family members present the most functional relationships for the reorganisation of the family itself.


Psychologist: Dr.s Paola Perziano
Neuropsychologists: Dr. Daniela Cortese – Dr. Marianna Contrada – Dr. Caterina Pucci
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