The S. Anna institute locations

Headquarters in via Siris

Historical headquarters of the S. Anna Institute, located in Via Siris 11 in Crotone. A beautiful structure overlooking the sea of Crotone. It houses the Awakening Unit, the only one in Calabria, the Severe Cerebral Lesions Unit, the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, and the Research in Advanced Rehabilitation (RAN) research laboratories.

Poggio Pudano Headquarters

Second medical facility of the S. Anna Institute, located in Poggio Pudano, on the SS 106 at km 243 in Crotone. A modern and welcoming clinic, inaugurated in November 2007. It houses the Orthopaedic Intensive Rehabilitation Unit, the Specialised Long Stay Unit for the vegetative state, and specialist outpatient clinics.

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