Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation (URRF)

The Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Unit receives patients suffering from diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

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In the Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, also known as the Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit, patients with an indication for intensive rehabilitation treatment (code 56) are admitted as in-patients or day hospital patients, in agreement with the Regional Health System.

Patients with disabilities resulting from diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and muscular diseases are treated, such as the outcomes of cerebral strokes (ischemic or haemorrhagic), head trauma, degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, and polyneuropathies.

Through the use of the most innovative rehabilitation techniques and the latest robomechatronic equipment, patients with neurological problems can benefit from the most modern rehabilitation methods and the support of highly specialised and qualified staff.

In our clinic, traditional rehabilitation techniques are combined with the use of highly innovative equipment.

The rehabilitation approach is intensive multidisciplinary and involves the joint work of various professional figures: the doctor, physiotherapist, nurse and, where clinically indicated, the speech therapist, neuropsychologist, occupational therapist and social worker. The rehabilitation process is aimed at achieving the greatest possible recovery of motor and cognitive functions, and therefore of the patient’s autonomy, through an individual rehabilitation programme that takes into account the severity of the lesion and is updated by the team according to the patient’s evolution.


Headquarters in Via Siris

Head Physician: Dr. Maria Quintieri
Deputy Head Physician: Dr. Luigi Salatino
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Salvatore Iaconis

Poggio Pudano medical facility

Head Physician act.: Dr. Maria Girolama Raso
Nursing Coordinator: Dr.ssa Raffaela Chiaravalloti
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