Day Hospital

The rehabilitation day hospital is dedicated to the clinical assessment and intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients suffering from various disabling diseases and in a stable condition.

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Access to the Day Hospital is considered the final step in the Therapeutic Continuum as it allows the patient to continue their rehabilitation pathway with a “light” hospitalisation regime.

This service is present in both our facilities and is accredited with the National Health Service.

Access to the Day Hospital is provided for people with complex neurological pathologies and/or with orthopaedic pathologies, both post-surgical and non-surgical, coming from acute hospital units.


Headquarters in Via Siris

Responsible Doctor: Dr. Maria Quintieri
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Salvatore Iaconis

Poggio Pudano medical facility

Responsible Doctor: Dr. Girolama Raso
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Raffaela Chiaravalloti
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