Awakening Unit (UdR)

The patient in a vegetative state, characterised by respiratory autonomy and open eyes, is admitted to the AWAKENING UNIT where the early rehabilitation phase begins, the main objective of which is to facilitate the recovery of consciousness activities.

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The “Ezio Pugliese” Awakening Unit takes in patients coming from the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Units or Neurosurgery and presenting an altered state of consciousness, i.e. a vegetative state or a minimally conscious state. Severe brain injury can have several causes: ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke, head trauma, cardiac arrest, other.

Admission to the Awakening Unit requires that the patient has achieved respiratory autonomy, i.e. does not require mechanical ventilation.

In this ward, the patient is stabilised clinically and the rehabilitation process begins. Early rehabilitation in this phase aims to facilitate the recovery of consciousness activity and cognitive and motor functions.

The Unit includes 10 beds in agreement with the regional health system.

Room A: 6 beds intended to accommodate mainly patients presenting a more severe clinical picture.
Room B: 4 beds intended to accommodate mainly patients presenting more stable clinical conditions.

Access is according to a ranking with a score system derived from the analysis of the patient’s clinical documentation.

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Head Physician : Dr. Lucia Lucca
Deputy Head Physician: Dr. Elio Leto
Nursing Coordinator: Dr. Antonio Liperoti

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