Access Awakening Unit

Acceptance Criteria

For the allocation of beds in this unit, a criterion of maximum transparency is adopted:

Cause of Vegetative State:

  • Post-traumatic coma: points 10
  • Coma of other nature: points 30


  • 10 to 40 years: points 100
  • 40 to 60 years: points 120
  • Over 60 years of age: points 140

Length of hospitalisation in the ward of origin:

  • For each day elapsed up to the time of application: points 1. The sum of the three values obtained represents the score obtained for the purposes of admission; precedence is given to the patient with the lowest score.
    Documents required prior to admission:

  • Awakening Unit/Severe Brain Injury Information Sheet completed by the Hospital Physician (Resuscitation Unit, Neurosurgery Unit)
  • Clinical Report completed by the Hospital Physician.

Admissions Office

Dr. Clea Antonante

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