The strength of Istituto S.Anna is that it is an organisational model, based on a care continuum, for patients arriving from acute care units, assisting them in the various rehabilitation phases continuing at home.
The patient in a vegetative state after a period of coma, characterised by respiratory autonomy, is admitted to the Awakening Unit where the early rehabilitation phase begins, for which the main objective is to facilitate the recovery of consciousness activities.
Once the patient has recovered a minimal activity and when the clinical conditions are stable, he or she is transferred to the Severe Brain Injury Unit where the rehabilitation continues. The next objective is the transfer to the Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit (URRF),
The Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit (URRF) is dedicated to patients with outcomes of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, such as a stroke, degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and orthopaedic pathologies.
Patients are hospitalised transferred from acute care hospital wards.
The approach is that of a multidisciplinary and multi-professional nature and aims at recovering the maximum possible autonomy in daily life activities, through an intensive rehabilitation.
The therapeutic Care Continuum ends the taking in charge process through the clinic’s health offer with the Day Hospital rehabilitation and lastly through the possibility of the Oberon home hospitalisation dedicated to patients with conscience disorders.