The Ezio Pugliese Awakening Unit welcomes patients arriving exclusively from the Reanimation or Neurosurgery and Stroke Unit units and that are in a vegetative and/or minimally conscious state due to severe brain injuries of different origins.

Early rehabilitation starts in this unit with the scope of facilitating the recovery of consciousness and cognitive and motor functions. A necessary condition for hospitalisation in the Awakening Unit is respiratory autonomy, a condition that is reached within 3-4 weeks after the brain injury event.

The unit includes 10 beds in agreement with the regional health system.

Room A: 6 beds to accommodate mainly patients with a more serious clinical situation.
Room B: 4 beds intended to mainly accommodate patients with more stable clinical conditions.

Access takes place according to a ranking system with a score system that derives from the analysis of the documentation and that examines various factors such as the event, age and ultimately the clinical appraisal of stability and the appropriateness of the hospitalisation.



Visitors and meeting the consultants