Admission Criteria.
– A criterion of maximum transparency is adopted for the allocation of the beds of this Unit; the following criterion provides:

Reason of the Vegetative State:
– Post traumatic coma: points 10
– Coma of other nature: points 30

– From 10 to 40 years of age: points 100
– From 40 to 60 years of age: points 120
– Over 60 years of age: points 140

Duration of Admission in the Ward of origin:
– For each day spent up to the time of the request: points 1. The sum of the three values obtained represents the score obtained for the admission purposes; priority is given to the patient with the lowest score.

Necessary documents for the admission:
– Information sheet on Awakening / severe brain injuries completed by the hospital doctor (Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgery Unit)

– Clinical Report filled in by the hospital doctor

Admissions Office

Dr Clea Antonante